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Many of our clients wonder how to achieve an ideal make-up look that is best suited for a dark, sexy boudoir photo shoot. When you book with Caroline Malouf Photography, our professional boudoir studio has an all-female glam squad that has you covered from the moment you arrive. Our published make-up artists will professionally style your look to accentuate all your best features, without making you feel like a completely different person. Instead, you will feel sensual, beautiful, powerful, and ready to slay your sexy boudoir session. Your make-up stylist will show you your look along the way, will deliver optimal boudoir coverage, apply bombshell lashes, and give you a fun lip – if that is what you like! Your make-up stylist will help you to achieve a look that is consistent with high quality boudoir content. 

Our clients LOVE being glammed up and spoiled by their dedicated hair and make-up team. The make-up stylists that I work with are amazing women who are INCREDIBLE at what they do. They are personable, professional, and know how to achieve a look that is sexy, provocative, and reflective of our brand image and signature moody boudoir lighting. Your final make-up look is designed to be classic and timeless – providing you with a beautiful, finished keepsake album that is trend and style relevant for years to come. Not focusing on make-up fads, like over the top highlighting and contouring, allows us to focus on YOU. Let us customize a look for you that will make your jaw drop and that is in-step with the sultry, high-level boudoir looks that we are known for. 

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