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Privacy and Behind the Scenes (BTS) Form

At Caroline Malouf Photography, your privacy and consent is always our top priority. Therefore, we have created a BTS (Behind the Scenes) consent form that respects our client’s confidentiality while also allowing the opportunity to share their stories and experiences on our social media platforms. Many of our clients are thrilled to inspire other women, but we understand and respect that each client’s level of comfortability is up to them to determine. Our focus is always on maintaining a safe and empowering experience for everyone involved, and we are grateful for the incredible women who have graced our studio and who have shared with us the details of their amazing journeys.

Still curious? Please take a look at our BTS form below and remember that there is no pressure at all to share your content or story – these photographs are for YOUR private use only unless you specifically designate otherwise.

BTS Notice and Request

We are so glad that you are here and that you have chosen to work with us!

Many women looking to book a boudoir session are curious about what the day looks like and what a typical boudoir session entails. We love to take BTS (behind-the-scenes) photos and videos for use on our social media pages to inform and inspire other women.

Your privacy is important to us.

Please indicate below if we may take BTS during your session to potentially post on our social media pages. We cannot guarantee that we will post your BTS, even with your permission.

Permission to Take and Post BTS

Many of our clients also come to us with a special story behind their booking – celebrating a milestone, a special anniversary or wedding present, a post-divorce gift to themselves, birthday celebration, flying in just for this shoot etc.

If you have a special story, we would love to include it in our BTS post, but only with your permission. This is strictly to inspire other women on our platforms and we will only include the details you have given us the thumbs-up to share. Please include if there are any special details behind your session today that we are permitted to share.

 Again, we value your privacy.




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