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By Mel C.

glamour photo of a woman in a kimono
glamour photo of a woman in a kimono

Hi Caroline,
I wanted to send you a note and sincerely thank you for the exceptional experience at your home shooting on Monday. Although it has always been a dream of mine to model, I was incredibly nervous about how my body would appear on film. You were so communicative, calm and your creative direction generated some pretty outrageous shots. I am eternally grateful for the confidence boost and how you made me feel sexy, powerful and thus…beautiful and badass all around! Your team was excellent as well since talent attracts talent!
Thank you for your professionalism, grace, sharp eye and subtle power to organically pull the magic out of my heart and soul out and onto the lens. You are such a legend! It was an honor to work with you. As you indicated, your work is so impactful because you are giving people a mirror to see their truest beauty shine in these images. What a gift!

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